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    Wynwood Central is locally inspired, designed, and built with the neighborhood in mind.

    The development team is completely homegrown, and many of the contributors work or live in the area. They understand the delicate balance that exists there between creativity and commerce.

    As part of the responsible development process undertaken for Wynwood Central, preserving what has made Wynwood a uniquely special place while improving and enhancing its quality of life is our guiding principle.

    Wynwood Central

    Wynwood Central is the realization of the vision and partnership of real estate executives Marc Kovens and Shawn Chemtov.

    Marc Kovens is a second-generation South Florida builder and developer who began his career working with his father at the Cal Kovens Construction Company before going out on his own. Marc has overseen a number of significant commercial and residential developments in South Florida, including Sommerset, Boca Teeca, Bal Harbour 101, Bal Harbour Tower and Gables Club. Shawn Chemtov has held real estate positions over the past 16 years and is currently the Founder and CEO of CMG Capital.

    Together, Marc and Shawn are combining their collective experience to develop Wynwood Central responsibly.
    The project will reflect the creative spirit and cultural values of Wynwood while providing the area with a much-needed pedestrian-friendly hub that includes purposefully designed retail, office, parking, residential and green spaces.

    Chariff Realty Group
    Leasing Agency

    Chariff Realty Group is dedicated to the responsible evolution of Wynwood. They are experts in leasing and managing commercial and residential properties in some of Miami's most important, established and emerging neighborhoods.


    As purposeful designers of the built environment such as Wynwood Central, Bloom’s designers utilize spaces, textures and technology that reflect their deep understanding of consumer social behaviors.

    DNB Design Group

    DNB Design Group are licensed architects who initiated the Wynwood Central project. They specialize in residential and commercial projects in Florida and utilize a highly collaborative approach with their clients.

    Owner Representation and Construction Management Services

    Wynwood based Amicon Construction Management specializes in Owner Representation for South Florida’s premier projects. Amicon will manage all day to day operations of the project including budgeting, scheduling and quality control.

    Marketing and Communications

    Oberhausen Marketing and Public Relations works with the development team to connect the project with the neighborhood. They ensure that Wynwood Central's message of sincerity and responsibility is properly communicated.