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    Artist Collective

    The walls of Wynwood offer street artists a highly visible and ever-evolving canvas. Their work has helped to transform what was once a semi-abandoned warehouse district into one of the largest open-air art galleries in the world and an internationally–recognized cultural center.

    To celebrate and show our appreciation for these talented creators, the Wynwood Central Artist Collective was commissioned. It showcases the works of nine prominent local street artists during December 2013 along the NW 24th Street side of the Wynwood Central construction site.

    Prolific and esteemed artist Krave, a.k.a., Daniel Fila, is both contributing to the installation, and curating it with help from producer Yuval Ofir of Yo Miami.

    If you are in the neighborhood, we invite you to visit this very Wynwood collection.

    The Artists

    Daniel FilaCurator/Artist

    Daniel Fila

    Daniel Fila (born 1980 in Miami Florida) quickly gained international notoriety with his street Art projects throughout the South Florida area under the pseudonym "KRAVE". The chaos and disorder of the street environment in which Fila is accustomed to working in has played an integral part in his works. Fila graduated from Columbus Collage of Art and Design. A multifaceted Artist, his paintings carry a surrealist quality while accomplishing a multilayered cohesive range.